In review: 700 women

 Images c/o Abby Shacklock


Date: October 2016
Client: Sarah Filmer and #700 women
Time frame: 1 month
Project spec: To grow and engage an existing facebook community. To work with this community to spread the word of the event ‘#700 women’, and to help ensure the success of this event.
Total facebook ad budget: £30

Where we started

Page likes: 194
Average daily reach: 142

Where we finished

Page likes: 300
Average daily reach: 991

Key successes

  • Engagement in excess of 9% throughout the campaign.
  • Growth and establishment of a facebook community. The community continues to be an influential ambassador for the artist who initiated the #700women campaign.
  • The success of the social media campaign was key in securing coverage of the event by The Guardian and The BBC, as well as by local press.
  • The event was incredibly well attended and a success, with many citing the facebook campaign as the reason they found out about #700women.

Client testimonial

“i am so pleased that i was pointed in the direction of abby for social media support for my project ‘700 women’. thanks to her cheery, relevant, diverse and, importantly, strategic tweets and facebook posts, the reach of the project was undoubtedly extended. those women who became aware of, and subsequently attended, the event, encouraged by abby’s interventions, arrived informed and enthused. ” sarah filmer, artist