Abby’s day rate is £149. Below is an indication as to the possible costs for Abby’s main service offerings. Bespoke packages are available and a full quote for each piece of work is agreed with each client prior to the commencement of each project.

Discounts are available for charities, social enterprises, small start ups local to Abby (Southampton East) and Southampton based artists.

Social Media Community Management:

£35 for a desk based audit of your social media presence. £299 to scope and formulate a comprehensive social media marketing strategy for up to two channels.

It is recommended that clients allow for five hours per week, at a cost of approximately £89 per week, for day to day management of social media channels. Discounts can be discussed for managing more than one channel and for longer term projects.

Online content creation

The creation of short tweets, facebook posts etc would generally be factored into a fee for management of a social media channel. This would include incorporating images provided by the client. The creation of new images and video would be quoted for separately.

Drafting content for static landing pages starts at £130 per 500 words.


Blogs are priced in the region of £80 per 500 words. This does not include images, unless provided by the client.

On line community management

This is charged at a fixed hourly rate of £16.25. The time required for on line community management will vary depending upon each client’s needs.

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